Oct 06 2011

Virtual Choir

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Instructions for the VIRTUAL CHOIR

We’ll mix the voices from all the virtual videos together and project a beautiful montage of the singers’ faces from around the world on a giant screen. Look for “VIRTUAL CHOIR” on YouTube to see how others have done it—it’s amazing! Here’s the twist: the VIRTUAL CHOIR will be singing WITH the LIVE CHOIR in the Mormon Tabernacle–for the first time in history!

1) REGISTER to let us know you intend to participate

2) Download the printed music and MP3 audio recordings of your particular choral part— Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass—for “Gloria”, number 29, and “Gloria Reprise”, number 31. Female tenors are welcome. Please print the music on both sides of the paper to reduce page-turning noise on your video. The concert clip MP3 may be slightly different from the Printed Music but will give you an idea of what everyone sounds like together.

Title Printed Music Concert Clip Soprano MP3 Alto MP3 Tenor MP3 Bass MP3
29 Gloria
31 Gloria Reprise

3) Learn the music. You do not have to memorize it. Once you have learned your part for “Gloria”, number 29, and “Gloria Reprise”, number 31, go to the next step.

4) Create your first video. Record your specific choral part for “Gloria”, number 29, using any digital video camera, webcam, or cell phone, etc., by singing along to the MP3, wearing headphones. All the singers in the videos will be wearing headphones. Follow the instructions below:

A) Please wear tasteful, black clothing; (No bare shoulders or cleavage.)

B) A solid background is preferred, if possible, but is not essential.

C) Your face should have plenty of light on it, and a pleasant expression. Smile!

D) Hold your printed music in such a way that you can look into the camera and turn the pages easily and quietly—or, view the printed music on your computer screen. We want to see your face close up, not the music.

E) The room should be quiet, without any noise from air conditioning or heating fans.

F) Keeping your headphones unplugged, start recording with your webcam or video camera FIRST, state your name and part, and THEN, start the MP3 recording or the YouTube conductor video for “Gloria”, which begins with a drum sound. Don’t pause the webcam or video camera. We must hear the drum sound on your recording so we can sync up all of the other recordings.

G) AFTER the drum sound, plug in your headphones to listen to the MP3 recording or the YouTube conductor video for “Gloria”. The pronunciation instructions will begin; then, the accompaniment will begin. Start singing along at the appropriate place for your specific choral part in “Gloria”, number 29. All we need to hear is your voice, by itself. To insure that your voice will blend well with the others, please avoid singing with a wide vibrato. A light-to-medium vibrato is fine.

You may feel uncomfortable recording your voice a capella but please don’t worry; we all sound better with accompaniment! We’ll take that into consideration. Don’t be intimidated by the technology; get someone who is tech-savvy to help you if necessary.

5) Repeat step 5 for “Gloria Reprise”, number 31, using the YouTube conductor video for “Gloria”.

6) Send us both videos by October 9, 2011 in any of the following three ways:

a) Upload your videos using the link below. This is the preferred method. The upload site is password protected. If you have not received the password, be sure to register or send request email to virtualgloria@millenniumchoir.org. Go to Video UPLOAD site HERE

b) Email the file to virtualgloria@millenniumchoir.org. The file size must be under 10MB. On the “Subject” line, include your choral part and the words “VIRTUAL CHOIR” (e.g. “Subject: Tenor, VIRTUAL CHOIR”). In the body of the email, please include your contact information: name, address and phone number.

c) Mail a CD, DVD or thumb drive, along with a note telling us your choral part and your contact information—name, address and phone number—to:
Millennium Choral Society
870 E. North Union Ave.
Midvale, UT, USA 84047

We will quickly notify you by email as to whether or not your videos have been accepted.

Tickets to the concert are free and will be available a few weeks beforehand.

Additional information about tickets will be available at a later date .

Questions? Contact us: virtualgloria@millenniumchoir.org

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