Jul 26 2011

2011 Gloria Participation

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Sing in the Mormon Tabernacle, either live or virtually!

How to Participate in


The Life of Christ, Part I

from the King James Bible

A note from Lex de Azevedo:Gloria, in its entirety, consists of 31 movements, or musical pieces, many of which are solos. The LIVE CHOIR will need to learn and perform all 15 choral movements (memorizing only the two numbers in the finale). The VIRTUAL CHOIR need only learn the two numbers in the finale, without memorizing them. Thanks to the miracle of technology, you can learn the music on your own! The instructions (see below) include the printed music and audio recordings of someone singing each vocal part—just sing along as you learn it!

The LIVE CHOIR is only required to attend four rehearsals in Salt Lake City, all during the week of the performance (November 21 to 26, 2011—Thanksgiving week in the USA). If you wish to sing the entire work with the LIVE CHOIR, you must audition by learning the music to the “Gloria” movement, number 29. We want you to audition with “Gloria”, number 29, because it is the most difficult movement in the work, but don’t worry—it’s not too difficult for most good choral singers, especially with the help of the MP3 recordings! If you can sing this movement well, you and I may rest assured that you will be able to sing the entire work well—providing you put in the time to learn your part.

If you wish to sing just the final two numbers with the VIRTUAL CHOIR, you must learn (but not memorize) the music and submit video recordings for “Gloria, number 29” and “Gloria Reprise”, number 31.

Singing in either the LIVE CHOIR or the VIRTUAL CHOIR will take some effort—but it will be well worth it! Please join us and INVITE OTHERS to join us!”

(NOTE: If you have sung the entire Gloria work in a performance with Millennium Choir’s auditioned PRINCIPAL choir—not the antiphonal choir—please contact Holly Dixon at millenniumchoralsociety@gmail.com regarding your audition.)

Contact us: virtualgloria@millenniumchoir.org

Let’s get started!

First, please REGISTER.  Let us know you intend to participate.

LIVE CHOIR Instructions

VIRTUAL CHOIR Instructions

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